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Synology Diskstation DDNS DNS-O-Matic fix: Don’t use the “@” sign!

October 11, 2015 Leave a comment

I haven’t posted about this before, but I’m a HUGE Synology fan. I have had their DS210j server for about 5 years now and I absolutely adore it. Its slow now since its 5 years old and the server software has significantly improved, but it still keeps chugging along! My partner moved in about a year ago and he brought with him an Apple Airport wireless router, that recently bit the dust. Routers just can’t seem to last very long… even if it is a timecapsule for his mac. So I went and bought a new router, the TP-Link Archer C9 as recommended by The Wirecutter. The article specifically recommends the Archer C7… but a higher number can’t be bad can it?

So I purchased the router, got it set up.. and since this is not a locked down Airport, I can start using OpenDNS again!!! I use OpenDNS to filter out stupid add-sites (I’m staring at you DoubleClick). The thing with OpenDNS, to take advantage of the web content filtering, you have to update your IP address. I don’t want to install a client updater on my computer, but the Synology server can do it! So I restarted my DNS-O-Matic profile… which updates OpenDNS, and set up the DNS-O-Matic DDNS updater on the Synology DS210j (follow that?). Basically:

IP Address updating:
Synology DS210j DDNS updater –> DNS-O-Matic –> OpenDNS

I set up the Synology DDNS updator with my username and password and used the hostname: However, I learned of a small issue a blog that no longer exists by ‘John Alvarez’ showed me… DO NOT USE THE @ SIGN IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! It took me TWO DAYS to figure this out. Good riddance. Such a simple solution but apparently there is some thing weird in the Synology updater code that requires you to use “%40” instead of the “@” sign. So, in your username, replace @ with %40 and it’ll all work out:

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